I+B is now CFOLogic

Prasad Bhalerao
2 min readOct 5, 2020

With effect from 1st August 2020, I+B is being rebranded as CFOLogic. As a valued client and well-wisher, I thought I should share a little about the thought process behind this change.

Why are we re-branding?

We have evolved multiple times in last 35+ years of our existence. With the changing times we always strived to keep ourselves current and relevant. Over the years we modified our offerings, methodology etc. However, one thing we never changed, our commitment to our mission, helping start-ups and scale-ups thrive with the help of sound financial decisions.

We always believed and maintained that we are not a typical accounting firm. Our services have a very strong advisory and strategy coupled with a forward-looking approach. Prioritizing long term gains over short term has always been the over-arching guidance for the way we work. Considering this we thought CFOLogic brand name aptly describes what we do and how we do it.

Who’s CFOLogic?

CFOLogic is a CFO advisory, accounting, finance and tax firm. Our mission is to help start-ups and scale-ups thrive with the help of sound financial decisions. Our values:

F — Forward Looking

A — Agile

S — Simple

T — Thrive Together

What’s changed?

To a large extent we will ensure that this change doesn’t have any impact on our working relationships. Our same team members would continue to work with you closely to help you take sound financial decisions and thrive. All our team members ascribe to our mission and values and are excited to be part of your growth journey. Our team’s email domains will change to cfologic.co. However, this process would be automatic, and we would still get your emails in case you happen to send them on the earlier address.

We look forward to your support and well-wishes on the onward journey.

Visit us: https://www.cfologic.co



Prasad Bhalerao

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